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Benefits of Using
Sep 10, 2015

While using the services of you have the convenience of booking confirmed bus tickets at any of our five top class bus service companies from your house with the click of a few buttons. Registered customers of can make bus bookings for themselves and their friends or colleagues from the comfort of their home to more than 14 states across the East Coast and some of the Mid-West through online payment.

As the ticket confirmations are sent by email and SMS this method of tickets purchase is eco-friendly as it is paperless and convenient. This bus services aggregator can afford to give you the best deals since it operates via cloud and saves on overhead costs that a regular agent with an office incurs. Always remember to carry a pillow and lightweight blanket for comfortable sleep during overnight trips. You can also choose sleeper buses if you feel uncomfortable on tilt-back seats if the trip is only for one night. The benefits of choosing the services of are plenty and you will not regret for selecting any of the routes serviced by our partners.

Attractive prices and convenience

People purchasing advance bus tickets from our website can take advantage of competitive prices since we have a dynamic pricing system to provide something special to our clients for booking through us. All our transport partners have fleets of efficiently maintained buses that provide a safe and comfortable journey to passengers across destinations of their choice. Vehicles are driven by trained and experienced drivers that undergo regular medical tests to check for their fitness and capability for driving long distances.

Many of our buses have power outlets near seats to charge phones or portable music systems and laptops. Many of our long distance buses also have free Wi-Fi. Entertainment in the bus includes television and movie along with air-conditioning and comfortable plush seats with footrests to rest legs comfortably. Every journey that is more than more than three to four hours includes a stop for half hour to give passengers time to stretch their legs and get some fresh air or to purchase snacks and water.

Safety and security

Though does not take responsibility of any luggage lost or stolen during the bus journey we do try to ensure that such a situation does not arise by booking your travel with some of the most reliable carriers in the east coast region of United States. Our transport partners try their best to stop at highway pit-stops that provide all facilities like restaurants, drug stores, restrooms and convenience store so travellers can stock up on essentials required during the journey.

Companies partnering with maintain well marked routes and avoid taking shortcuts away from the highway which increases the safety and security of passengers. Lists of passengers are verified at every stop along with their identification details so there is little chance of anyone getting left over or lost unless that person deliberately wants to avoid reaching destination as per ticket purchased.

Wide choice of routes and services

As works with several travel partners offering bus services across the East Coast USA and customers are provided convenience of choice as they can select the time they want to arrive or leave a particular destination depending on their time schedules. A great convenience that provides is the rescheduling option that allows you to reschedule your trip according to your convenience in case a change of plans arises. If there is a difference in cost, the cost of the trip will just be adjusted.

Cheap Bus Tickets

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