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Latest Bus Travel Precautions in 2015

Overnight traveling by bus can become an adventure where you get to meet new people and view the countryside and create new memories. Whether you are traveling solo, as a couple, or in a group, bus travel within the United States is among the safest in the world since safety guidelines regarding bus maintenance are strictly maintained.

As a bus traveler traveling through different states, you may find yourself at a bus stop in the middle of the night or early hours of the morning so make sure you get someone you know in the local area to pick you up from your destination. Avoid venturing out alone from a bus stop in a new place in the dark or early hours in morning when no one is around and ensure you don’t take shortcuts for sake of your safety. Traveling by bus is a time consuming but inexpensive way to travel around United States and the East Coast is no exception. Keep these precautions in mind while traveling across state boundaries by bus to stay safe and comfortable.

Staying comfortable during long overnight trips

Travelers on two or three day trips need to pack mixed clothing such as light sweaters, socks, beanies and long sleeved shirts for cold nights when the air-conditioner can make the bus interior feel chilly. If you are not comfortable using blankets provided by the bus company then pack a light blanket in your hand luggage for added warmth. Remember to pack an inflatable pillow for comfort and a pair of sweatpants for the night. Earplugs and headphones along with phone charger will help you stay cheerful on long bus non-stop overnight journeys.

Safety at bus stops

All reputed bus service companies make stops at well-lit rest areas with restaurants and restrooms that travelers can use to ease themselves or buy snacks, books, cigarettes, cool drinks etc. Use this opportunity to get off the bus and exercise your cramped body by taking a quick jog of the parking lot or walking around the area. Check with your bus driver about how long the bus is likely to stop before going anywhere for exploration. You will risk getting left behind at the stop. Do not go to any isolated areas around the stop if you are alone to avoid any unsafe confrontations.

Safety of valuables

It is advisable to leave all valuables at home when you are traveling by bus as expensive equipment such as iPads or laptops, expensive luggage and jewelry can make you a target. If you are wearing jewelry then try to keep it covered to avoid attracting attention for your own safety. Always keep cash and identification cards or papers on your person instead of in a backpack or purse as preventative measures.


Avoid getting involved in disputes among other travelers in the bus to avoid panic among other passengers. When bus stops at a large city where many travelers are getting out, keep a close watch on the luggage being moved out to ensure that your baggage does not get mixed up. Keep physical and visual contact with your luggage at all times if you can when waiting at a bus station since there are instances where people have had their luggage stolen or lost when they are not aware. Be courteous to others and you can expect the same treatment back. Bus staff are working to provide you a safe trip to and from your destination.