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Nice Cities to Celebrate 4th of July - iLIKEBUS

NYC, Washington DC, Atlanta, and Charlotte will be the best places in America to celebrate Independence Day on July 4, 2017. Read More

3 Awesome Cities to Visit Over Memorial Day Weekend - iLIKEBUS

Memorial Day is an excellent time to experience the many things offered in New York, Atlanta, and Charlotte. ... Read More

5 Free Things to Do in Washington DC on Memorial Day Weekend - iLIKEBUS

Across the United States there are numerous events held over Memorial Day weekend, to honor people who have died while serving in the armed forces. In Washington D.C., the country's capital, the events are especially grand... Read More

For many people, the holidays are the best time of the year to spend with family. Whether it snows or not where you are going, you should take the opportunity to have a wonderful Christmas holiday with your loved ones if you can. Every family has their own holiday traditions, and every city has theirs. Whether you are traveling to New York City, Washington DC, Atlanta, or Chicago, make sure to take advantage of local holiday traditions and festivities with your loved ones...Read More

Finding the best travel deals - Online

Gone are the days when I used to go deal-hunting by visiting travel agencies. My last 10 trips have all been found in the comfort of my own home by simply looking online. This is not to say that travel agencies are extinct altogether, however after comparing the deals I found online to similar deals offered by physical agencies, I found that prices online are comparably better. I am guessing it is due to less overhead costs. Less commissions paid to sales agent and higher competition probably allows online companies to offer a better rate. Here are the steps I have taken to find amazing travel deals online... Read More

2015's newest convenient bus line service necessities

Modern bus lines are designed to accommodate every passenger's transportation requirements. They are mostly efficient and eco-conscious. Fare rates are economical too when compared to services given. Bus route timing may be synchronized with another to cater to onward travel for passengers. In a sentence, the 2015 bus lines are reliable, fast and convenient...Read More

Seven travel tips to ensure a happy and healthy trip

Your next trip could involve calorie rich fast foods and total abandonment of your exercise routine. If you are on a diet, there could be a chance of it being disrupted...Read More

Best tourist destination on the East Coast

The tourist destinations on the east coast of the US are a healthy mix of historic landmarks and natural attractions. The east coast also has the nation's biggest city- New York City. Washington DC is also located on the eastern coast. The best thing about the tourist destinations on the eastern coast is that they are located relatively close to each other, compared to the western coast. You can visit most of them inside a two week itinerary. Here are the most famous and the best tourist destinations on the east coast... Read More

Your guide to Washington DC's hottest new tourist destinations

Washington DC is packed with historical sites and museums. The most famous tourist sites here are Lincoln Memorial, National Museum of National History, National Museum of American History, Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the White House. But there are many other places that aren't so crowded too, such as the Mary McLeod Bethune Council House, Theodore Roosevelt Island, that are also worth a visit. While these are not exactly 'new' tourist destinations, they are largely unspoilt because they see lower visitor footfalls...Read More

While using the services of you have the convenience of booking confirmed bus tickets at any of our five top class bus service companies from your house with the click of a few buttons. Registered customers of can make bus bookings for themselves and their friends or colleagues from the comfort of their home to more than 14 states across the East Coast and some of the Mid-West through online payment...Read More

It’s always great to carry enough snacks and water during long road trips if the route is unfamiliar and if you don’t have any knowledge of any places to eat or resting points on a travel route. If you’re travelling from New York to Florida, like I have you’ll want to know where to eat because that’s a huge part of the enjoyment of your trip! I’ve put together a list of great places that you shouldn’t miss on your route...Read More

Looking for an inexpensive travel mode across the East Coast? is your premier discount bus ticket provider book inter-city bus routes to help you reach your destination! Our website gives comprehensive information about bus routes, timing and rates of tickets in each route for the convenience of passengers. When we began our operations in 2014 we focused on providing the best customer experience and that helped us earn an amazing customer base. This support we would get from tourists and residents helps us grow as we become recommend to family and friends...Read More

Overnight traveling by bus can become an adventure where you get to meet new people and view the countryside and create new memories. Whether you are traveling solo, as a couple, or in a group, bus travel within the United States is among the safest in the world since safety guidelines regarding bus maintenance are strictly maintained....Read More

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